Long Island Roofing Companies

When you’re redoing your home and you need a new roof, you can be certain that it is a necessary cost to incur.


Repeated leaks in the ceiling or stains in the drop ceiling of your home or business usually signify a leaky roof and you’ll need Long Island roofing companies. Our expert roofers can determine whether you need an entirely new roof or just a simple repair. If you need Long Island roofing companies and are experiencing major leaks or other problems at your home or business, you may need a roof replacement, or re-roof. Our roof installations are done with the home or business owner in mind. We understand that a new roof could mean not being able to live in your home or work at your place of business until the repairs are complete. Our Long Island roofing companies company makes sure that the process is efficient and simplified to make sure that the homeowner or business owner can still use their space, even while roof repairs and replacements are taking place. We give you an unrivaled selection of colors and materials to match the exterior of the establishment, or just your own personal taste.

Roof Replacement

Our Long Island roofing companies professionals make certain that any property or fixtures surrounding the home are protected from any possible debris that may fall, or even moved if necessary. Other areas are covered to provide extra certainty and protection. A new roof installation requires that we remove the area of the roof being replaced and properly install all roof shingles.

We are carful to install all flashing correctly so that your roof will last you a long time and you home will remain safe and out of the elements for years and years. When the job is complete, we do a double check around your property and make sure that any small debris or stray nails that may have made their way onto your property while your new roof was being installed are removed.

Flat Roofing

Flat roofs are roofs that are horizontally flat across the top of a building and do not contain the same grade of inclination and peaks as most traditional roofs do. Although not a traditional form of roofing for most homes, it is a popular choice for many buildings and business structures, but needs to be installed and maintained properly and our Long Island roofing companies knows just how to do that correctly. The building top is usually covered in tar paper and sealed. When that is complete, rocks or gravel are usually added to the top to keep an even temperature. When repairs need to be made to a flat roof, it is usually because the rocks or gravel were moved and the sun had too much access to the paper below, causing it to bubble, crack and eventually leak.

Roof Vents & Caps

A roof vent is a necessity in any attic on Long Island. A properly installed roof vent will keep your attic cooler year round. Although it may not seem like a good idea to you’re your roof cool in the winter, it is important to prevent the melting of ice on your roof, which can cause ice damming. Chimney caps are also important in keeping pests out of your chimney, preventing debris from gathering there and keeping your chimney liner safe from the elements, thus expanding its lifespan. Our Long Island roofing companies company is well experienced in the installation of roof vents and chimney caps.

All Other Types of Roofing

Roofing comes in many forms. From asphalt shingles to Spanish tiles, slate and standing seam metal, we can handle it all. Our years of experience and professionalism make sure that our clients continue to refer us to their friends and families, time after time. Let our roofing experts discuss the options that you have when replacing or repairing an existing roof or installing a new roof.